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If you’re thinking about writing a memoir, but wondering how to start, or when to start, or whether to start—perhaps I can help. Here’s a couple of tips.

Tip One:

A n autobiography strives to capture the entire life story, front to back.. A memoir focuses instead on memorable moments, key turning points, and peak experiences.

This episodic structure provides some immediate payoffs. It avoids the need to follow a strict chronological line. It clears away the need for smooth transitions. It allows for stories that don't easily fit togetherand it greatly eases the writing task. These mini-memoirs can lead to a memoir anthologyto a gathering that ultimately adds up to a life story.
Tip Two:
Superb writers require good editors. Merely good writers require superb editors—but all writing requires some editing. Don’t go it alone. I can provide a range of manuscript editing services, while also serving (if desired) as an associate writer. 

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I’m always up for some “book chat.” An initial consultation will get us started. We can assess your research, writing, and editing needs—and go from there. We may find creative ways to combine your personal, career, and family histories. 

For a free 50-page Memoir Guide, click  Memoir Guide.   Or write or call.  I'll respond promptly.

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