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Friend of Education Award

Nominator: Earl Weinmann (Northfield MN Middle School)

Honoree: Orlo Otteson (volunteer)

Orlo Otteson is currently in the fourth year, working with the Northfield Middle School SCOPE Program. He is providing advanced composition lessons to our gifted students, and as an editor, helping them assemble the first general audience Northfield history book.

When Mr. Otteson came to town, he asked the Northfield Historical Society for a volunteer opportunity, one that involved writing and editing. They knew I was searching for such help and notified me. I brought him in as an editor, but got so much more. His professional writing and editing and teaching skills have greatly enhanced the SCOPE program, and we are fortunate to have had his assistance. He gives our eighth grade students composition lessons, focusing on sentence patterns and the various ways in which they can enrich and enliven their writing. In addition, he works with each student individually, helping them organize and develop their Northfield history chapters. Orlo checks the information for accuracy and proper bibliographic notation. He helps the students formulate themes and transitions that give the writing a smooth flow, as though written by a single author. This labor has required tremendous organizational skills, an extensive time commitment, and a good supply of creativity. 

Orlo also has served as a master researcher. He has helped locate sources that have supported student research activities, and has also helped students develop research skills, abilities that will assist them in future projects and activities.

Finally, I applaud Orlo for serving as an ambassador to the Middle School. He has come to know a great many community members and has extolled the virtues of our middle school programs. He has, on all appropriate occasions, applauded the district's dedication to high quality education.

Please welcome Orlo Otteson as a friend of education. He represents the best of educational excellence and partnership.